Prime pressure ranges related to cognitive decline

A brand new find out about displays that older adults with top ranges of pressure are 40% much more likely to expand cognitive impairment than the ones with low pressure. People with upper pressure ranges even have upper charges of diabetes, hypertension, and different possibility elements for heart problems (CVD). However even after controlling for … Read more

Opinion: “Up your mind” or trade genes: Tough billionaires are pouring cash into life-extending generation – they usually simply may paintings.

The seek for the fountain of adlescent is an historical seek. Over the centuries, efforts to increase human existence have shifted from philosophical to medical; At the moment some professional growth is being made relating to longevity. Many corporations are delving into growing new gene remedy medicine. As an example, Pfizer PFE Rapamycin, which is … Read more

How human mind cells may in the future energy essential computer systems

On a daily basis, there appears to be a brand new advance in computing — whether or not it is OpenAI liberating a ChatGPT AI, or Google saying a leap forward in quantum computing. In spite of those inventions, some researchers imagine we’re hastily coming near the ceiling of what conventional computing can reach. With … Read more