Keanu Reeves thinks he is John Wick whilst he used to be making John Wick

When screenwriter Shai Hattin used to be passed the writing task John Wick: Bankruptcy 4He says there used to be no set plan for what the movie must appear to be. “It is cool. It is truly thrilling,” he instructed Polygon in an interview earlier than the movie’s unlock. “As a result of there is no plot, you might be identical to, Oh, and it is truly a clean web page the place you’ll ask the herbal questions: The place used to be John going to move after the ultimate film? You then uncover them and put them in combination.

“It is arduous in many ways, since you’re checking out 100 other variations, however it is also truly a laugh whilst you in spite of everything get started to determine an concept that at last makes its method into a film.”

This additionally method that there have been no explicit tips for the brand new characters positioned in orbit round Keanu Reeves’ hero John Wick 4, together with the blind swordsman Kane, performed by means of Donnie Yen, and the virtuous villain referred to as the Marquis, performed by means of Invoice Skarsgård. Hatten’s co-writer Michael Finch says the 2 writers “had our want checklist” of other people they was hoping to play the characters they had been writing, which influenced their script. However they were not requested to write down with explicit actors in thoughts, so individuals who ended up in roles continuously recast their characters.

Finch, who met John Wick sequence director Chad Stahelski at the 2015 movie Hitman: Agent 47He says he used to be introduced in to assist with the script after Shay “were given uninterested in running on it John Wick 4, and raised his palms slightly! Hattin prior to now labored in a equivalent function John Wick: Bankruptcy 3 – Parabellum“I used to be roughly the man who got here when he used to be truly rolling,” Finch mentioned all the way through the interview. Each males had been stunned by means of the movie’s ultimate performing, however interested by the way it modified the tale.

Photograph: Murray Shut/Lionsgate

“It is so glorious and rewarding whilst you write a personality, and you then get an actor who in reality understands them,” mentioned Finch. And I feel that a part of the machine is that Keanu thinks he is John Wick whilst he used to be making John Wick [movies]. He has to, for all types of causes, most commonly on account of the bodily beatings he’s taking. One way or the other he manages to promote that to the opposite actors. Those other people display up, and after a few days, they are the nature, I assume. That is what permits them to really feel so clean. They have got the ones personalities. And for us, that is a large win.”

The dynamic, says Finch, permits the actors to inject extra of themselves into the characters, reshaping them within the procedure — like what Donnie Yen did with Kane. “The unique persona, as written, used to be slightly tough across the edges,” he says. “Donnie is a shockingly polished, extremely elegant man. Now not handiest that, he is extremely fragile. The combating strikes he does are an extension of the way in which he carries himself. They are extremely exact and extremely sharp. And he brings that to He introduced a definite stage of laser-like, shark-like depth, and that wasn’t essentially written into the nature.

“Keanu finally ends up munching on, whacking up shit. And someway, Cain manages to at all times stay his shades sharp and crisp. And that’s the reason one thing he dropped at the nature, that subtlety.”

Hatten says the chemistry between Yen and Reeves “provides super quantity to the film”. Their efficiency implies extra familiarity and luxury with every rather than used to be essentially within the textual content. “Simply throughout the nature of the performances by means of those two, each time they’re on display screen in combination, do you as an target market member get an actual sense of the shared historical past they may have in combination,” he says. “You’ll be able to believe the adventures those guys would possibly have had twenty years in the past, in a John Wick film we have now by no means observed. So he brings so much to the material of the franchise.”

Hatten believes that the solid of John Wick ceaselessly makes use of their performances to suggest these types of wealthy and sophisticated connections, and that it’s crucial a part of the luck of the sequence.

“It simply permits you to create this complete mythology on your head of the hundreds of adventures this man would possibly have had,” he says. “It makes it sound extra epic. If we outline what precisely the backstory is for John Wick, it is going to make him much less of a legend, as a result of you can have all of the solutions. You do not need the solutions. I feel it is cool that it is one thing that has no limitations, that we will be able to move on and on.” Extracting new, unheralded items from the previous to discover in new movies.”

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