The best way to make your individual light-weight Home windows ISO

Like maximum different device, Home windows has frequently grown over time, including extra options that finally result in a larger dimension. Home windows 10 used to be at the beginning supported on gadgets with as much as 20GB of garage, however now you want no less than 64GB for Home windows 11. This additionally applies to set up recordsdata. A couple of years in the past, a 4GB flash force used to be sufficient to carry a Home windows ISO (it was once much less), however in this day and age, 8GB is the minimal required via Microsoft.

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However what if we instructed you that you’ll be able to make your Home windows ISO a lot smaller and take away the entire things you don’t want? Because of the paintings of XDA Senior Member jenneh, it is somewhat simple to create a light-weight Home windows ISO that is extra appropriate for you. The developer has put numerous paintings into making the revel in rather less daunting for brand new customers, and optimistically it is going to make it more straightforward for any individual to construct their very own Home windows ISO.

What’s going to you want

There are just a few stuff you actually want to create your Home windows 11 ISO:

  • Home windows 11 ISO same old: You want an present Home windows 11 ISO record which would be the foundation for the adjustments you’ll make. You’ll be able to Obtain it from the Microsoft site.
  • Modwin: Program advanced via Jannah is a Senior Member of XDA To enable you to adjust the Home windows ISO record. Even though now not technically required, this will likely ease many of the ache of this procedure, so we extremely counsel it.

The best way to make your individual Home windows ISO

Now we have divided this procedure into a number of sections. For our instance, we are the use of a Home windows 11 Same old Multi-Model 22H2 ISO, however this must paintings on Home windows 10 as smartly.

Deciding on the assets and set up of the WIM record

First, it is important to add a WIM record to change it. The WIM record accommodates the entire essential Home windows set up recordsdata, and is contained in an ISO record. It is also an ESD record relying on which ISO you could have, however MODWIN will paintings with both.

  1. Obtain Modwin from GitHub and run the installer. You might even see a Home windows SmartScreen suggested, so click on Additional information after which Run anyway.
  2. The recordsdata shall be extracted to A: modwin.
    Screenshot of the MODWIN folder

  3. Take your present ISO record and double-click it to mount it as a digital force, which must open mechanically.
  4. Reproduction the contents of this digital force to a record A: MODWIN ISO Folder.
    Screenshot of Windows 11 File Explorer windows with an arrow representing the process of copying files from a virtual drive to an ISO folder.

  5. Cross to the house web page A: modwin folder and run modwin. bat.
  6. This may open a command suggested with a couple of choices to make a choice from. There are two major varieties:
    • Possibility 1 It’s an all-in-one elimination script, which means that that it is going to take away all programs, applications, and lines that aren’t essential for Home windows to serve as at a elementary stage. This selection isn’t really useful for most of the people.
    • Possibility 2 It allows you to adjust the ISO to take away apps and lines of your selection. The rest choices are in truth steps in the similar procedure. That is the choice we advise opting for.
      Screenshot of the main menu in MODWIN

  7. This system will ask you to select in case your ISO record accommodates a WIM record or ESD record.
    Screenshot of MODWIN asking if the ISO file being used contains a WIM or ESD file

  8. Use Document Explorer to navigate to A: MODWIN ISO Assets and discover a record known as set up. wim or set up. esd. NB: Fashionable variations of Home windows must have a set up. wim record if you are the use of an respectable Microsoft ISO as a base.
    Screenshot of File Explorer showing a folder with various files, including one called install.wim

  9. Go back to the Command Suggested window and input the quantity comparable to the record structure you notice.
  10. You’re going to see an inventory of all variations of Home windows which might be incorporated within the record you decided on.
    Screenshot of MODWIN showing a list of Windows versions included in a WIM file

  11. front index The quantity comparable to the model of Home windows you need (you’ll be able to desire a license for it) and press Enters two times.
  12. This system will get started extracting the WIM record.
  13. When the method finishes, you’ll see a affirmation message.
    Screenshot of MODWIN after getting the WIM file from the original ISO

  14. He presses Enters to go back to the principle menu display.
  15. Now, we’re going to make a selection the choice 3. Mount WIM. Enters 3 and press Enters.
    Screenshot of MODWIN installing a WIM file

  16. Look forward to the method to complete and you’ll be taken again to the principle menu. Go away the app open.

Take away apps and lines from the ISO

Now that WIM is put in, it is in a position to be changed. You must see all recordsdata inside of a record A: MODWIN PATH Folder. Do not contact the recordsdata! Your next step is to select the apps you need to take away out of your Home windows set up. So, observe those steps:

  1. From the MODWIN major menu, make a selection the choice 4. Packages, Programs and Options Choices.
  2. You will have a couple of choices for the issues you’ll be able to take away or adjust:
    Screenshot of MODWIN giving users the option to modify apps, packages or features.

    1. Software applications: Refers to portions of Home windows which might be apps at the Microsoft Retailer, such because the Climate app, Xbox, Telephone Hyperlink, and so forth.
    2. Programs: It contains some elementary drivers for elementary capability (akin to networking) and a few Home windows options akin to WordPad.
    3. Options: Comprises not obligatory Home windows options, akin to Hyper-V.
  3. If you wish to see which apps you need to disable, faucet on 1 and hit Enters.
  4. You’re going to see an inventory of utility applications which might be incorporated along with your Home windows set up. One of the most names is probably not totally correct to the user-friendly title, akin to microsoft.home windows connections programs bundle, which refers back to the Mail, Calendar, and Other people apps. Alternatively, maximum programs must be simple to spot.
    Screenshot of the list of application packages that can be removed in MODWIN

  5. If you wish to take away any of the apps, faucet 1 and hit Enters.
  6. Reproduction the title of the appliance or bundle you need to take away, paste it into the command box, and hit Enters. You’ll be able to double-click the title to make a choice it extra temporarily.
    Screenshot of MODWIN when Microsoft Solitaire Collection is removed from pre-installed applications

    No longer each and every app is essentially secure to take away. Remember to know what apps you’re taking out earlier than doing so.

  7. He presses Entersand you’ll be able to be again in step 5. Repeat for another apps you need to take away.
  8. When you’ve got got rid of the entire apps you need, faucet on 2 and hit Enters to go back to the principle menu.
  9. To take away applications as smartly, make a choice the choice 4 Once more, then the choice 2 (See step 2 above).
  10. This works the similar method as taking out utility applications. He presses 1 If you wish to take away the bundle you notice within the listing. Once more, it is probably not secure to take away a few of these issues. Most effective take away issues that you recognize needless to say you don’t want.
    Screenshot of packages available for removal in MODWIN

  11. Reproduction the title of the bundle you need to take away, paste it into the enter box, and hit Enters.
  12. Repeat the method if you wish to take away extra applications, or 2 to go back to the principle menu.
  13. After all, you’ll be able to repeat the method to get the options. He chooses 4 from the principle menu, then press 3 to peer an inventory of not obligatory options.
  14. This time, you’ll see an inventory of a few options which might be enabled and a few which might be disabled.
  15. Once more, you’ll be able to press 1 To take away a function or 2 To go back. You’ll be able to additionally allow options which might be disabled via urgent 3. This may come in useful if you need options like Hyper-V enabled out of the field.
    Screen display of MODWIN to enable Hyper-V

  16. As soon as you might have made the adjustments you need, press Enters to go back to the principle menu.

Now, you are prepared to export your ISO record. There are two extra choices that aren’t essential right here. Possibility 5 installs the WIM registry (just for customers who actually want it), and Possibility 6 allows you to push recordsdata from the USER folder in A: modwin in an ISO, so your Home windows set up will come with any recordsdata chances are you’ll want. We’re going to skip that and pass immediately to exporting the brand new ISO.

export iso

Now that you have made your changes, simply observe those steps to export your new ISO record:

  1. From the principle menu, make a choice the choice 7. Unmount the WIM and construct ISO choices.
  2. The most simple method to do that is to select the choice 1which is able to save your adjustments, blank all transient recordsdata, and create a brand new ISO record.
    Screenshot of MODWIN showing options to unmount and create the ISO file

    You’ll be able to additionally use possibility 2 to discard any adjustments you made when you made any errors within the procedure. Then you’ll be able to get started over with the adjustments.

  3. MODWIN will get started saving the adjustments and unloading the WIM record.
  4. Make a choice whether or not to compress the WIM record into the ESD structure. This may lead to a smaller ISO record, however it is going to take longer. He presses 1 to compress the record or 2 to go away it as a regular WIM record.
    Screenshot of MODWIN asking the user if they want to compress a WIM file into an ESD file

  5. Look forward to the method to complete, and your new ISO record will seem in A: MODWIN MOD Folder. When you examine it to the respectable ISO, you’ll see that it’s noticeably smaller. We selected to compress the WIM record to the ESD structure right here and most effective disabled one utility bundle; The general dimension will range in response to the adjustments you’re making.
    Screenshot of two Windows 11 ISO files, including a modified file that's less than 4GB in size, and an official one that's more than 5GB in size

You are actually in a position to put in Home windows 11 the use of your new ISO. Take into account that your pc can’t be hooked up to the Web while you run the Home windows installer, differently it is going to obtain updates from Microsoft and roll again your adjustments.

You’ll be able to use a program like Rufus to mount the ISO to a flash force and do a blank set up of Home windows. You’ll be able to take a look at our information on the right way to set up Home windows 11 for extra directions on that.

Because of Senior XDA Member Jenneh for the very good paintings creating this instrument and offering the unique steering. Take a look at the fee information right here.