By | December 13, 2021

These systems are built to determine a lead’s position in the sales funnel, where you can then analyze, nurture and convert into new business opportunities.


Lead Management software is one of the few business tools that let you predict and change the future core of your sales.


#1 Zoho


Zoho has two payment options for its four subscription tiers.


As a bonus, Zoho CRM also includes an AI-powered sales assistant called Zia that responds to voice commands.


For paid options, users can add custom views, add custom buttons, edit conditional fields, and change page layouts.




#2 – Pipedrive


Pipedrive enables salespeople to immediately start inputting their current deals, tasks, and ideas in the platform.


One of Pipedrive’s key features is that it formats and automates email fields—including populating it with customer data—this means you don’t have to spend time typing individual quality emails.


Pipedrive provides an experience that allows its users to focus on the key areas that matter such as coming up with sales opportunities based on the data presented and lead nurturing.




#3 – HelloLeads


HelloLeads leads in the mobile app versions of lead management systems with its lead tracking, sales management, and communication features.


As a mobile app, you get convenience, efficiency, and productivity in managing your leads anytime, anywhere.


With HelloLeads, you get:


Instant communication to leadsGet deeper insights using value-added information of your leadFollow up reminders,Google Calendar Integration, Facebook integration, WhatsApp IntegrationCarry your sales data wherever you go, anywhere and any timeSales team management, team performance tracking, weekly reports, analytics






Look for a lead management software that allows you to customize your dashboard according to your goals, organization, and preferred process.



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